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About Power Edge Cleaning Team

Power Edge Cleaning Team began from a single idea and evolved into a highly successful business. While Boris Psavka was working for a pizza company, he met a cleaner who was working for someone else. They saw how they could make a difference in their industries and decided to combine their efforts. Their interest in cleaning and bringing impeccable service to people, especially in the food industry, sparked the company you see today.

Power Edge Cleaning Team grew completely by word of mouth and to this day, they have never had to advertise.

The Man Behind The Company

Boris Psavka is a genuinely caring and authentic man who prides himself on making a difference for other people. Integrity, Authenticity and Service are the foundations of his character and his company.

He loves uncovering what challenges people are facing and then providing solutions for their needs. He combines his curious nature, solution-generating ability and genuine interest in doing a great job, to make people happy in their businesses, by providing cleaning, renovation & maintenance services.
Boris has a zest for life and enjoys it. He is a proud father, and a well-respected man in his community.

Each challenge Boris has faced in his life has expanded his understanding and appreciation for people. This in turn, grew him into the dedicated business owner he is today. Boris easily sees what people need, knows what has to be done, and helps people make it happen.

He loves empowering people, creating jobs, and training people well. He aims to make a bigger impact in the industry, by creating more integrity and efficiency within a budget for everyone’s benefit. He has a vision of servicing people’s needs and requirements to the fullest extent, without leaving anyone or anything behind.

The Distance We Will Go

The Power Edge Cleaning Team will travel all over Ontario and Quebec. Current main areas we service are: Gatineau, Montreal, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Bradford, Brantford, Kingston, and Kitchener.

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